Verizon Storm vs AT&T Bold vs T-Mobile Curve 8320

OK, so today is an exciting day with the release of the BlackBerry Storm on Verizon.  I purchased my Storm like all you other readers out there by waiting in line before the store opened.  I also have an AT&T Bold and a T-Mobile Curve 8320 so what better to do than put them up against each other in a browsing speed test.  Not only will you get to see how the Bold compares to the Storm, but see how they fare against an EDGE only device.  Furthermore, they are all different carriers!  What a great comparison test Thomas.  Thank you Thomas.  So, I will apologize for the video ahead of time because I broke my tripod and didn’t have time to edit anything.

Here we go.  The first test I used the Berry Reporter launcher, which you should all download (let’s face it, it makes your Berry look sweet).  The winner was the Storm, coming in second came the Curve 8320, and the Bold finishing last (very bold of it to do that, I must say).

The next test site was’s mobile site.  The Storm took the cake again, with the Bold in second, and the Curve falling out with an error.  I wouldn’t say that the Bold’s finish was a close second because it definitely wasn’t.  So far the Storm has been performing amazingly.

The last website test was the which took us to the mobile site and then from their we bounced to the fuller desktop version of the site.  The Storm as usual was the quickest, and the Curve was second, however it didn’t have to load the same version that OS 4.6 devices can.  Last and apparently today, least, was the Bold which did not even load the mobile hub and I gave up after about a minute.

In conclusion, my first impressions of the BlackBerry Storms browsing is amazing, running very fast on Verizon’s EVDO Rev A network.  As far as the Bold goes, I have been having some Javascript issues still, but most of the time it is fast and terrific, just not today.  Verizon does have a stronger 3G network than AT&T, and it really does show.  The Curve 8320 is a great phone, I can’t say anything bad about it for running on T-Mobiles EDGE network.  As far as the rest of the Storm goes, everything I have been fiddling with is great and it seems to work almost flawlessly, but I will save all those details for my review.  Stay Tuned!!!

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