Verizon to Sell BlackBerry Storm for $499 with No Contract

Yesterday, someone over on Howard Forums got their hands on a sweet sweet Verizon price sheet for the BlackBerry Storm.  The Verizon doc gives us the already known, $249 price with a 2 year contract (before Mail in rebate), but has some other goodies for us.  We now know that with a 1 year contract, it will cost $319, and with no contract $499!  This is some great pricing by Verizon, I honestly assumed a phone like this would be way more, but I’m thankful to be wrong.

These prices however contradict what Best Buy is posting on their website, which if you look below at the screen shot, says $599 for retail price.  This means little because as a third party retailer, it is expected for the initial retail price to be a bit higher, at least temporarily.  Have no fear though, because their 2 year contract price is $199 with no rebate needed!

So let’s start lining up guys, because Verizon Stores release the Storm Friday Nov. 21rd at 7am, and Best Buy releases the Storm Sunday the 23rd (late release because their catalogue comes out on Sunday’s with all the weekly sales).

via Howard Forums

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  1. DavidB says:

    Reports abaound that 21st is BestBuy day too. People who pre-ordered are getting called to come Friday for pickup and free Geek Squad setup.

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