Video: BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Overview

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Ever since the first images of the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (Stratus) were leaked the web has been buzzing.  Sure the Pearl series isn’t the most popular in the BlackBerry community but there is just something special about the 9100.  It could be because of the new design which features the trackpad and a sleek new battery door or maybe because a Pearl will finally be 3G.  Either way the hype will only get bigger as we wait for this latest Pearl to drop.  Salomondrin has blessed us with a detailed 7 minute video which shows you everything you want to know about the 9100.  It looks pretty impressive but will this be the model that puts the Pearl series on the map?

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  1. Gord Bloye says:

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  2. xMansour says:

    I like the phone size but the LCD and the keyboard it’s not full with two letters in each and LCD not a full pixels like bold that’s why till now I waiting for Bold 9700 when it’s available here in Qatar ..

  3. DavidB says:

    This thing will be HUGE! The 81XX Pearl series had a huge following (that mostly don’t hang out on blogs) and will gobble up a modernized version.

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

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