Video: Motorola Droid vs. BlackBerry Storm 2

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Here is a video that we’ve all been waiting to see.  The all new Motorola Droid has been a hot topic in the smartphone community ever since it was first revealed.  Verizon Wireless is going all in with the Droid so much so that it seems like they put the BlackBerry Storm 2 on the backburner.  Just last week TechnoBuffalo released a similar video that matched up the iPhone 3GS and the Storm 2.  In this video they compare the browser speeds, apps, navigation and customization options of Verizon’s hottest new smartphones.

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  1. Jane Doe says:

    The droid sucks… its for kids… the BB is and always will be the most sophisticated… BB even beats the overrated iPhone…

  2. Jimmy says:

    the storm has more then one version of the keyboard and if im not mistaken you can control the size some also

  3. Jimmy says:

    the storm has more then one version of the keyboard and if im not mistaken you can control the size some also

  4. BrickBrkr Addict says:

    Can you get the Blackberry version of the Brick Breaker game on the Droid? This game is totally addictive.

  5. jack says:

    The droid will do a softkeyboard in sideways mode as well.
    You just have to wait half a second when you tip the device for it to turn the display and then any way you’d get the skinny keyboard will now give you the wide keyboard. much easier to use, i switch back and forth between the wide soft and the slide out keyboards, not sure which i like more yet.

  6. jin rogers says:

    You’re mistaken about the BB Storm2 only letting you show 8 icons on the home screen.
    If you press the menu button while on the home screen, then options. you will see “set home screen layout” where you can choose 4 icons, 8 icons or no icons. This could be important info for viewers so you should get to know your products before demo’ing in a video! (Now I wonder if you left out important items when you talked about the Driod.) For example, did you know the Droid takes 2 or 3 times as long to retrieve Gmail compared to the BB? This is pitiful.

  7. DavidB says:

    Storm2 (as does Storm1 with OS 5.0) apparently has JavaScript enabled by default. Turn it off and following along with the video my Storm1 was just as fast if not faster than the Droid was in the browser speed examples. So I guess if JS isn’t important to your web browsing (it sure as heck isn’t important for ME!) that’s a non-issue.

    No, the home screen being fixed at 8 icons is not correct. It can be 4 or 8 or 12, or even a “Today” view with no icons but previews of your inbox, calendar, etc. The creator of the video claims to not be very familiar with BlackBerry and this makes that clear!

    “Many more” apps in Android marketplace than in App World? Really?

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