What BlackBerry News to Expect at IFA 2017


The IFA Tech Conference starts this Friday in Berlin and many are wondering what to expect to hear about BlackBerry.  Well lets layout a few possibilities shall we?

Well if you remember back to a month ago, BlackBerry Mobile and TCL had a little teaser video pop up on the BlackBerry Mobile Twitter page.



The video has a lot of Black in it, which leads me to believe that BlackBerry is probably getting ready to announce the BlackBerry KEYone Limited Edition in Black being available Globally. This is pretty much a safe bet for BlackBerry Mobile to announce.  This is the same device we saw being introduced by Optiemus in India, with 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of Ram. BlackBerry Mobile has stated that the device would be seen globally once it was rolled out to China, and Brazil.

The other thing we might hear about is the All Touch BlackBerry device that was mentioned earlier today. François Mahieu, Head of Global Sales for TCL confirmed that we will be seeing a Touchscreen BlackBerry device this October.  This makes me believe they will be announcing it during IFA, so they can build up enough hype for the device.

Other than these two announcements, I don’t really expect to hear anything else. Hopefully we do because I would love to have as much BlackBerry devices as we can get but these two seem to be a good bet.

What could prevent both of these announcements from happening at the same time, is the fact that BlackBerry Mobile doesn’t want one announcement to out shine the other.  They would want both devices to sell well and announcing them both might make one device sell less or more than the other.

We will have to wait and found out what BlackBerry Mobile has in store. Not knowing makes it fun and exciting! Stay tuned!


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