What was Your Favorite Paid BlackBerry App?


Recently, BlackBerry announced that they will be no longer allowing paid apps in BlackBerry World.  This got me thinking about my favorite paid apps that I have invested in over the years.  I was never shy about paying money for apps that I needed or could see myself using.  Most of these apps helped my everyday routine easier or helped my workflow by giving me ways to perform tasks quicker on my device.

The first app that comes to mind is an App called Quick Launcher.  Quick Launcher allowed you to launch applications with just a click of the convenience key.  Instead of having to scroll through your list of applications, you just press the convenience key and were able to quickly open that app.  BBM was always my go-to application to put in there.


Quick launch later had such features as shake to launch, where you could choose an app to open just by shaking, and an automatic wallpaper cycle that allowed you to change up your BlackBerry devices wallpaper.

Another app that I loved, and I am sure will be a favorite for many ways BeBuzz Pro, later BeBuzz 10 Pro. BeBuzz gave you the ability to customize the notifications for apps, and contacts.  It allowed you to customize the LED Notification light for certain apps and contacts and also gave you the ability to change the notification tone or ringtone.   I always loved to use this app so I could quickly look down at my phone and see what messages were waiting for me just by seeing the color of the blink LED light.


Later on in the BlackBerry 10 days, my must-have app on every device was Blaq.  Blaq, for those that don’t know, was a twitter client that started on the BlackBerry PlayBook and eventually made it onto BlackBerry 10.  To me, it was always a better Twitter client than the standard Twitter app from BlackBerry.


So I want to know, what was your favorite paid app from BlackBerry World? Let us know in the comments below!

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