Poll: Which BlackBerry Mobile Device Released by TCL was Your Favorite?


Yesterday’s news of TCL giving up their rights to the BlackBerry Brand smartphones made me think about the great devices that we were able to enjoy from TCL.  Before TCL, the BlackBerry PRIV was the last BlackBerry device to be available to users. The last BlackBerry device to be offered by BlackBerry Limited didn’t receive a great amount of support from consumer, causing it to have poor sales numbers. This prompted BlackBerry Limited decided to look for licensing partners to manufacture the devices instead of manufacturing them in-house. This is where TCL entered the picture. Form 2016 until 2019, TCL released four BlackBerry Branded devices under the BlackBerry Mobile entity. Each BlackBerry device that TCL released received high praises from tech journalist and BlackBerry fans. Heck, there were even some old school BlackBerry fans, who had switched to either iOS or other Android devices that came back.

I, like many of you had great time with each BlackBerry device that TCL launched, but when I thought about which one was my favorite, I had a tough time. Each device had it’s pluses that made each device special. For instance the BlackBerry KEYone was the device that started the journey for TCL and it had an amazing camera to. I loved the BlackBerry Motion for the great display that it gave me and for being the first water resistant BlackBerry device to ever hit the market. The BlackBerry Motion quickly became the device that I always brought to the beach with me even when it wasn’t my daily driver. I also loved the home button that had a gesture built in it for the notification shade. Such a great feature! The BlackBerry KEY2 was probably the most completed BlackBerry device to date. It had a great battery life and a fantastic keyboard with the new Speed key, man do I love that button. Who didn’t love the Red Edition of the BlackBerry KEY2.

While I can’t pick my favorite TCL BlackBerry device, I am sure many of you have a clear favorite. Let us know below which one you loved and fire off in the comments to tell us why!


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Which TCL BlackBerry Device is your Favorite?
Which TCL BlackBerry Device is your Favorite?
Which TCL BlackBerry Device is your Favorite?
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